Sarah Davies

sarahSarah Davies | Founder and Director of I Am Strong Coaching

Joining the Army after graduating from Oxford University with a literature degree was a big change. Leaving the Army after living and working overseas was an even bigger change. My background is entirely international and with that comes constant upheaval, flux and uncertainty as well as exploration, diversity and experience. I have spent long periods living in France and Germany and have worked extensively on projects in Eastern Europe, India, Iraq, Kuwait, Mexico and Scandinavia In any job that I have had, I have always needed to achieve results. I firmly believe that success is all about momentum.

When I’m not coaching, I’m out walking Merlin my mischievous Ridgeback puppy along the riverbank, watching the rowers pass on the water, stopping for hot chocolate on-the-go, and writing my next book in my head. Work-life balance is essential for me.

There are results that are expected of us and results that we expect of ourselves. There are always things that we want to influence and progress- our careers, our health and fitness, our family life, our ambitions, our dreams. Achieving results takes focus, commitment and goal-setting. Setting goals is exciting and challenging; setting goals that require change in every area of your life is daunting. This is why I am here to coach you.

I am passionate about coaching others to success in a way that they find motivating, exciting and transformational.