We are passionate about Vertical Development and believe it is the missing ingredient in organisational development. Whether delivering a one-off workshop or designing an innovative management development programme, we deliver with understanding, enthusiasm and passion, and truly believe that Development is about creation, not consumption. We have published a number of articles to this end on LinkedIn.

Otto Laske and Susan Cook-Greuter, et al talks about a spiral of upward movement in our development. It’s not a ladder, according to them. And we agree. What I think it is though, is not a spiral.

It is a series of interconnecting relationships that increase in awareness in relation to one’s complexity.

At the lower levels, there is more unseen than seen. The faded areas are the Subjective experiences (Kegan) not yet uncovered by the person. The green and purple dots are also further away from each other, which means the density of the potential complexity is low because at this level, it’s low, not just because we don’t see it.

As one progresses rightwards, the hidden areas diminish and more of the complexity (and complexity) is seen. The green connectors become greater and more pronounced, including connecting areas of the unconscious Subjective faded sections.

At the very right of this relationship image, you can see the density of the connections as it becomes 3-dimensional. Everything is within awareness – or Object – or so we think.

With the Thinking Quotient, we are defining these connectors, uncovering the hidden dimensions and offering a path to the greater complexity. We are offering a method of growing your thinking complexity.

Cook-Greuter says: “We define the centre of gravity as that level of ego maturity to which a person has consistent access under ordinary circumstances, without special support conditions or under unusual stress.”

What we are offering is HOW a person does that… We are defining that centre, and offering a method for growing their Epistemic Stance, so their centre moves to the right and your thinking grows – Vertical Development.

If you are interested in moving your thinking to the right of the above image, get in touch today