Business Model

How Good is Your Business Model?

Gables Consultancy offers Vertical Development Programmes, as well as business growth programmes. We offer these at various organisations across the country.

We run a programme in a university in London to grow their MBA students, a medium-size business in Lincoln to grow the thinking of the Board, a company in Nottingham to grow their high level managers and then various NHS Trusts.

But, what we have never done until yesterday, was apply all our tools and development to our own business.

It gave us an enormous sense of fulfilment to actually see just how useful our programmes are. They really do open the mind and allow for more complex thinking about how we think about our business. We uncovered all kinds of revenue streams, growth potential and hidden relationships that we previously hadn’t seen.

We tested the stability of our system, and our systems thinking. We are happy to say that our programmes actually helped us to do what we say they will do for our clients.

But more importantly, we had the courage to actually USE THEM!

If you believe in what you do, how you do it and the outcomes you say you can get for your customers, how ready are you to Apply it to Self?

If you’re a marketer, web or otherwise, are you walking the walk?

If you’re a trainer, are you just delivering content, or are you embodying the imagery and outcomes you offer?

If you are a business coach or mentor, when was the last time you actually developed yourself? And what was that development? A bog-standard, run-of-the-mill course every coach attends? Where is your own internal coaching voice taking you? You get the point!

If you haven’t thought about this, I would urge you to take your top three products or services, and apply them to your own company, and more importantly, your own thinking THIS WEEKEND, and see how robust they are, and how robust your business model is.

Let us know how you get on!

How well do you know someone really?

Do we ever really know someone?

Or do we simply know their patterns (of behaviour)?

Think about someone you feel you know very well. What is it specifically that you know about them? Their behaviour patterns? Their thinking patterns?

You cannot know their internal thoughts… so what is it you think you know about them?

People surprise us all the time. They do things that you thought they were never capable of doing. So again, what is it about someone that you know? And how do you project your habituated expectations of their behaviours on to them? Are they only behaving in a way that conforms to what you already know about them? Or perhaps they are behaving differently but you cannot see beyond the patterns of your own expectations? Are you limited in what you see in them?

What are you expecting from them that is different to what you think you know about them? In other words, are they just being themselves and this “self” is your conditioned expectation?

How could you think about them differently so they no longer behave in the way you expect them to behave, without changing the meaning behind their behaviour for them, sufficient to change your conditioned, habituated and pre-framed  expectations of them?