Thinking Quotient

Discover How You See Yourself In The world. The Thinking Quotient™ is a measure of your entire thinking system. We measure how we emotionally react and how we cognitively react. The more complex your thinking system, the greater your capacity, […]

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Business Psychology

What Does a Business Psychologist Do? A business psychologist studies a unique branch of psychology and does not have the same responsibilities as a traditional psychologist. They do not normally see individual “patients” but an entire company can be their […]

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Open Source Development

OSD occurs in three groups where each successive group helps the group below, but that’s not to say they’re below! This ensures the development of the group as a whole. We intrinsically know where we stand, both cognitively and social-emotionally. We […]

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We need a common ground from which to work and address the issues of personal Vertical Development within a choice of contexts: work or personal. A New Language From the below, one will understand how the breakdown of the development […]

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Vertical Development changes how you think about things. Our social-emotional and cognitive complexity is missing from every aspect of our working life, and if you have seen such psychometric tests as those propagated by large firms, you will recognise how limited they are in their approach to really understanding people in context. This is because not a single test takes into account our cognitive complexity! There is no “choice” in their responses.

What does that mean? It means you construct yourself in context (work, home, conference) and each construct is state-dependent. I add to this that state is complexity-dependent, and one’s behaviours are outward expressions of one’s personality, which begins at the level of a person’s development. So, a person at level 2 will create a different meaning for “Openness” (trait psychology) than a person at level 4, which will result in different ways of behaving in context. Traits aren’t real, but that’s another conversation.

Development is the progressive enhancement of cognitive capacity, emotional flexibility and sense of self-in-the-world. This can be encapsulated as “Stage Development Psychology”.
Dr. Iva Vurdelja says in her research:

“Development is viewed as a process of transformation based on increasing ability to cognitively evolve from a simple and concrete to a more complex and differentiated worldview through a sequence of meaning-making systems or stages.”

Employees no longer just add value with their skills and competences: they also add value by their discretionary decision-making ability that contributes to the translation of strategy into saleable products and services. This requires more complex thinking going forward.

We are at the forefront of Leadership Development and Organiational Development. With over 40 years’ experience, we know how to focus on individual, team and organisational development with a number of products and services that are unique to us, and proven in industry to grow your thinking and thus engage your employees at a different level.

 Proud Members of:

The British Psychological Society – DOP Conference in January 2018 where I will be giving a talk.
The Learning and Performance Institute
The Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Conference in May 2018 where I will be giving a talk.
The Association for Business Psychology – Conference in October 2017

If you are interested in Vertical Development, get in touch today to increase your thinking complexity!