Ordinary training programmes give you skills and strategies for coping with every-day work problems. Vertical Development changes how you think about problems so they are no longer a problem!

I began a full time research degree in September 2016, and it is proving very interesting as well as very gratifying. I always need organisational volunteers to help with my research, so if your company needs its high level managers developing vertically, and you want to help my research data, please get in touch and we can work out a plan together.

Development is the progressive enhancement of cognitive capacity, emotional flexibility and sense of self-in-the-world. This can be encapsulated as “Stage Development Psychology”. Dr. Iva Vurdelja says in her research:

“Development is viewed as a process of transformation based on increasing ability to cognitively evolve from a simple and concrete to a more complex and differentiated worldview through a sequence of meaning-making systems or stages.”

Employees no longer just add value with their skills and competences: they also add value by their discretionary decision-making ability that contributes to the translation of strategy into saleable products and services. This requires more complex thinking going forward.

We are at the forefront of Leadership Development, as well as Adult Development. We focus on individual, team and organisational development with a number of products and services that are unique to us, and proven in industry to grow your thinking and thus engage your employees at a different level.

We identify inefficiencies and ineffectiveness caused by organisational and individual misalignment of people and process. We design strategies that align the individual’s cognitive complexity to their role’s complexity requirements. If they do not match, we have a strategy for Vertical Development that will grow their thinking and align them with their role. Misalignment is more common than is known, so we work hard with your business to better-align your key employees.

Our approach has developed from over 40 years of psychological and Adult Development experience, proven by a number of Universities world-wide, including the current PhD research of the person in the video, to offer you the most useful methods to develop and grow your human capital. The image below uses “wisdom” as its third progression, but it could just as easily say “complexity”.


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If you are interested in Vertical Development, get in touch today to increase your thinking complexity!